måndag 30 april 2012

My meeting with the Metanee's: The Gentlemen Concert 2012

Aey taking on the stage! Bravo!

Not much to say really, but this was another highlight from our Thailand-trip. This wouldn't have happen if it wasn't for my good friend and spiritual brother Satawat Metanee, singer, actor and teacher - and also son of Sombat Metanee. Satawat, or Aey as he's called, mentioned to me that he would participate in a concert, Gentlemen Concert: Man and Love at the Pridi Bhanomyong Institute, and that his father would perform also! So without any other thoughts I booked our trip so we could see the concert!

This was kinda the best bonus I could get! I'm there to meet Aey, but if he could introduce me to his father that would be fantastic! The concert was great by the way, and a perfect ending of a very long and sweaty day (me and Tong visited Sompote Sands earlier that day!). A classy, funny (even for us not knowing the language) concert and it was extra fun that so many came to us afterwards and started talking. We felt very welcome! I'm sure I will end up on every of these concerts if I one day move to Thailand.

There was several very good singers, Aey of course - and some gentlemen I just can't remember the names of! I have the program somewhere, but I can't find it right now. Sombat still had a strong and powerful voice and it's amazing to see him perform! When I got the opportunity afterwards to meet him my first thought was the he was a big teddy bear, very soft and friendly. Just like his son :)

Sorry for the blurry photos, but it was dark in there and afterwards it was so much emotions, so exciting that it was hard taking really steady photos!

The whole gang!

Father, son and daughter Metanee!

The Gentlemen!

Me, Aey and X!

Sombat Metanee and me!