torsdag 26 januari 2012

Two rare Thai trailers

I recently went to a company and transferred an old Thai movie from Betamax to an Avi-file so I could do something I would like to call restoration. The beginning of this tape was two trailers, and after talking with some real experts in Thai cinema we identified both movies. I've uploaded the trailers to YouTube, so I hope you enjoy them!

The first one is เจ้าพายุ, which means Hurricane. The Swedish/English title was Thunder Kid. If I got the information right it was released in 1980 and stars Sorapong Chatree and Nard Poowanai.

The second one is Chompae (ชุมแพ) from 1976, starring another one of my favorites, Sombat Metanee. Like the other movie this is also co-starring Nard Poowanai. The English title was Police Force 555, and in Sweden it just got the even shorter (and generic) name of Police Force.

Click on the videos and you will be redirected to YouTube where you can watch them the best possible way.